GAWSF and Silk-Road Planning Research Centre will work together for development of sports and culture

GAWSF News: 19th June, 2023

Dr. CHE KUONG HON, Chairman of EC, Mr. YANG Yanjun, Vice Chairman of EC and Mrs. LIU Shuling, EC member visited the Silk-Road Planning & Research Centre in Beijing, a national professional organization and high-end think tanks under the General Office of the CPPCC National Committee,  initiated and established jointly by the China Development Bank, Tsinghua University, Silk Road Fund, China Development Finance Promotion Association and China Finance Forty Forum with the aim to serve the “Belt and Road” .


They were well received by the Vice Chairman and General Secretary of the Silk-Road Planning & Research Centre, Mr. LIU Yingbing, both parties had a very fruitful discussion and agreed to sign a cooperative agreement between both parties, in order to cooperate and work together for the development of sports, culture, tourism in the countries along the Belt and Road.